Hydrochloric acid and chlorine-alkali electrolysis

Plant manufacturer: ThyssenKrupp Uhde GmbH
Composite materials: SIMONA® PVDF-GK Pipes and Fittings with glass-fibre-reinforced vinyl ester resin
Media: Chlorine, hydrogen, oxygen
Hydrochloric acid and chlorine-alkali electrolysis

Chimney lining

Client: ÖMV AG, Austria
Plant manufacturer:
  • Ooms-Ittner-Hof GmbH (OIH)
  • PLASTICON, Hengelo (Netherlands)
Plant: Chimney, ø = 5.5 m, height = 88 m
Composite materials:
  • GFK (glass-fibre-reinforced plastic)
  • Steel shell
Media: Flue gas from a refinery,
service temperature 105 – 110 °C
Chimney lining

Flue gas scrubber

Client: Lehigh Cement (Heidelberg Cement Group)
Plant manufacturer: Steuler Holding GmbH
Plant: Flue gas scrubber tank
ø = 7.10 m, height = 26.8 m
Composite materials:
  • SIMONA® PP-DWU Sheets, 8 mm thick
  • Concrete
Media: Sulphur dioxide,
3,200 mg/m3, 50 °C
Hydrochloric acid flue gas scrubber tank
The SIMONA® Liner Piping System