Plastic liner

  • Polyolefin materials: PE-HWU, PP-DWU, PP-C
  • PVC materials: PVC-CAW (rigid PVC), PVC-MZ (rigid PVC,
    with increased impact strength, for special applications),
    PVC-C (post-chlorinated rigid PVC)
  • PVDF materials: PVDF (partially fluorinated high-performance material), PVDF-C (copolymer partially fluorinated high-performance material)
  • E-CTFE (partially fluorinated high-performance material)
  • E-TFE (partially fluorinated high-performance material)
  • Electrically conductive materials (PP-EL, PVDF-EL)

  • Selection criteria:
  • Chemical resistance (
  • Service temperature range
  • Use in the food sector
  • Thermal change in length

Plastic liner

Adhesion promoter

SK Textile adhesion promoter made of thermoplastic polyester for polyolefins and PVDF
GK Textile adhesion promoter made of three-dimensionally expandable glass or polyolefins and partially fluorinated high-performance plastics
PK Textile adhesion promoter made of polypropylene for PP-C
CV Chemical pretreatment for PVDF
AK Textile adhesion promoter made of aramid for partially fluorinated plastics

Selection criteria:
  • Properties of the composite materials
  • Bond strength (test method)

SIMONA will be pleased to advise you on the quality of a composite.
Adhesion promoter

Outer linings

1. Steel pipes, if necessary special metals
2. Concrete
3. Fibre composites consisting of a fibre matrix and a thermoset plastic

Selection criteria:
  • Structural properties
  • Impact strength, stability
  • Long-term performance
Outer linings

Filament winding method for circular tanks

The product innovation SIMONA® Liner Piping Systems

SIMONA® Liner Piping Systems have been designed to meet exacting standards in industrial applications.

A new manufacturing method allows PP, PVDF, E-CTFE to be processed and ensures a high bonding strength between the thermoplastic pipe and the load-bearing structure.

Various textile bonding agents or chemically pre-treated pipes are available.

The SIMONA® Liner Piping System